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The Triad of Time

The Triad of Time Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

The subject of time is very much on your mind, is it not? Your crystals have spoken to you about the true nature of what you call past, present, and future time. What they have told you is true.

All three are connected in a manner that, at your present stage of evolution, is beyond your comprehension. However, it is appropriate that we give you further knowledge of the true nature of time. This will not be a complete explanation because as yet you are not ready for that knowledge. It is not necessary that you understand all of time, but it is beneficial for you to have the next level of knowledge about it.

As an analogy, a child in elementary school is not prepared to learn subjects such as algebra or calculus. There are basic mathematical functions the child must learn before advancing to the next level. And so it is with humans learning about the true and complete nature of time.