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The Stressful Impact of a Digital World

The Stressful Impact of a Digital World Phyllis Light

We all live in a chaotic, frequency-filled world, and it is wreaking havoc on our energy fields and, consequently, our physical bodies. We are bombarded daily by frequencies from overhead satellite transmissions for TV, radio, and GPS. Our air is saturated from all the cell phone towers that blanket us with 4G and now 5G network frequencies, allowing us to have internet connectivity at home and wherever we go.

These frequencies damage and weaken our personal energy fields. Neither humans nor animals were designed to withstand such frequencies, and our bodies start to break down at some point. Granted animals don't use cell phones — probably one of the biggest sources of ongoing energetic damage to the body — but they live in the same world, doing their best to thrive in the "electronic soup" that saturates the air around the entire planet.

WiFi technology broadcasts frequencies up to 66 feet and connects our personal computers, video-game consoles, smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, digital audio players, and modern printers to the internet. The WiMAX technology, which started in Sweden in 2006, broadcasts wireless frequencies over huge areas, often entire cities, blanketing people with a network of frequencies.