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Role Models and Relationships

Role Models and Relationships Margaret Ann Lembo

All creatures — humans, animals, and nature — desire a safe environment and the guidance to learn, grow, and experience life. A parent or caretaker extends beyond a biological relationship. Being a role model goes beyond the care of another's basic needs.

A role model provides support in the form of emotional balance and dependability, which enhances personal growth and stability. Morals and ethics can be taught through storytelling and more profoundly through one's behavior. It is likely you have people in your life who look up to you and watch how you handle life's situations. Keeping this in mind is helpful for your growth, knowing that someone is watching how you behave and will potentially mimic your behavior.

Do you have a strong moral compass? Black tourmaline helps you to focus on your strengths so that you can be your best for those who look to you for guidance. You are able to judge what is right and what is wrong from your life experiences and what you were taught by your elders. Guide others by example. Behave and act to exemplify morally appropriate behavior.