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Recognize and Transform False Projections

Recognize and Transform False Projections Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Feelings, emotions, and sensitivity to things only felt rather than seen are intense throughout the month of June. Much of what has been speculated, talked about, and predicted will manifest. Many who believed they have side-stepped challenges, alterations, and changes will be surprised by happenings in the world at large, which will affect their sense of security and safety.

Those who reside in the vibrational energies of lack and fear will spend an ordinate amount of time, energy, and effort attempting to project, splatter, and direct these fear and lack energies onto those around them in an attempt to feel more secure. As more members of the human kingdom cease to accept this childish acting out, the blaming and finger-pointing from those attempting to divert attention from themselves, new light will dawn, bringing endings, closure, and transformation to the old beliefs, frameworks, and institutions that served to empower fear, separation, and lack.

Many members of the human kingdom who have believed they were supporting, loving, and empowering helpful institutions will become disheartened with the pretense, lip service, and appeasement. They will remove themselves and their energies from these false facades, disempowering them and causing them to crumble in the weight of their falseness. As this takes place, those aligned with the energies of balanced reciprocity will be drawn together, creating safe havens, small communities, and tribes of like-minded and like-hearted people. These people seek the balanced flow and expression of energies within self, with the land — the plants, trees, mountains, rivers, lakes, and oceans — with animals, and with humans as a connected, cooperative, expressive communication develops, opening up a plethora of opportunities for all.