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Power Is in Your Heart

Power Is in Your Heart Amma through Cathy Chapman

Greetings to you, dear ones. It is a beautiful day. It is a beautiful day no matter what your weather is and no matter what is happening in your life. There is excitement in the universe. Energy is coming in and is increasing and changing in perspective as to its vibration for all.

The Elohim, the elders, and the councils have met to discuss what can be done in the creative process with the energies coming in. Remember, the energies we are sending to the planet are part of our creation of what is happening with you. I want to talk about those energies a little bit more, about what they mean to you and the entire planet. What happens to you also affects the Moon because it is very close to you. It affects the Sun and the planets that are in alignment with you. When I say alignment, I am not speaking of a straight line; I'm speaking of those in the pattern of gravity and that circulate around what you call your Sun. Your planetary system also circulates around other planetary systems, and there are other galaxies and constellations that move in patterns.

When you talk about your constellations and your astrological chart, it is in accordance with what you see. There is, however, a larger constellation of energy that affects you. We've talked about this a little. We didn't go into great detail then, and we will not go into great detail now. Many of you are studying how to create form as you work with the Elohim. We're going to talk about how we create form. We create form with light, yes: with intention and light, focus and light, and vibration and light. And, of course, that light is love.