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Move into "Soft Time"

Move into "Soft Time" Donna Taylor

In a world obsessed with progress and power, June is likely to make us question the validity of our ambitions as well as offer some welcome relief to those who are tired of playing the game. Throughout nature, we see cycles at work, a balancing act that maintains harmony and keeps everything running nicely: The sun rises, and then it sets. The tide comes in, and then a few hours later, it goes out. Creatures take time out over winter as all nature withdraws and rests for the activity to come in spring.

Humans are the only creatures who seek to override these natural rhythms by being constantly on the go. Imagine what would happen if the sun never set and we were in a perpetual summer with the tide always in. It wouldn't be long before the imbalance began to show itself in illness, insanity, and aggression.

The planets mirror Earth cycles with their periodic retrograde motions. As Mars slows to a crawl and then begins to reverse through the sign of Aquarius, we are being given the message from above that it's time to slow down and take a break from our usual Martian ways of living. We might find that our energy or motivation just isn't there, and progress is hard to come by. This is particularly likely for those influenced by Mars: Aries, Scorpio, and Aquarius. The people born under these signs will need to be more gentle and tolerant with themselves, others, and life in general, especially when life just doesn't seem to be moving in the direction or at the speed they would like.