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Life as an Ascended Being

Life as an Ascended Being The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

How does an ascended being live?

Quantum masters, your bio-ascension is fully activated, as you are the pioneers of new consciousness and the template for the new quantum creation physics of love. All are experiencing cycles of transmutation symptoms on a daily basis that allow for immediate self-realized choices and changes. Changing cell consciousness of every life form in your world is the new norm while harvesting new existences as old Earth splits off into multiple realms and realities. Hence, bio-ascension is authenticated by the direct experience of the eternal presence as the only Creator of its own embodied reality.

You have asked yourselves how you will live in the consciousness of ascended embodied bio-light. Are you ready to live as an ascended being? You already realize that any discussions are at risk for limiting your experience. This is so because you are now aware that direct experience via awareness and self-realization through the heart are the only true guidance system for life's existence.