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Golden Jerusalem

Golden Jerusalem Mary Magdalene through Judith K. Moore

[Sings] "Tomar, Tomar, Tomar." Greetings, I am Tomar. My fifth-dimensional temple is known as Tomar's temple. It will be more accessible to you during the next ninety days, when there will be a new energy called the ascension wave.

I want to lead you on an exercise to my temple. You will find a great comfort there. You will want to be in the temple partly for the feeling of security. The next ninety days are going to be rather dramatic [Channel's Note: This information was channeled on April 7, 2018], but it will be easier for you to come to my temple.

My temple has special features. One of the main features of this temple offers you an opportunity to experience your fifth-dimensional body without feeling any Earth attachments. This is in accordance with some of the laws of the Arcturian stargate. Remember that in our earlier work, we said you couldn't enter the fifth-dimensional Arcturian stargate unless you have graduated from Earth. Graduating means that you are finished with your Earth incarnations. But Juliano, our Arcturian teacher, is able to open the doorway to the stargate so that you can experience the fifth-dimensional light from the stargate, which is beautiful and overwhelming for your third-dimensional body.