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Go Play!

Go Play! Expanded Consciousness through Miriandra Rota

Greetings, wondrous beings! Greetings to you. We will speak about your discoveries of not only who you are but also those abilities that have seemingly eluded your conscious recognition. As you know, each being is a unique expression that resides within the whole. And within each unique expression are the talents and abilities that enable the conscious to unite within the whole — the conscious unite within the whole.

Beloved ones, each time you choose to play, enjoy your journey, choose to care for yourself, and go forth into an exploration that calls to you and tickles your adventurous spirit, you enter the knowing of your talents and abilities. You might think or even say at this moment that you would like to be able to do certain things or perform certain miracles. Of course you would, and perhaps you can. But such yearning reflects that which you have already accomplished within your journey through the many lifetimes you have experienced toward incarnating during this most auspicious time.

For example, when you say, "I want to be a great healer. I want to be part of miracles occurring right before my eyes," what are you truly saying? Beloved one, you are saying that you want to consciously experience the divine flowing. It is your past, so to speak, that delivers to you the most familiar avenue. If you have been a healer in other lifetimes, your most familiar path is through those manners of experiencing the divine flowing.