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Generate a Grateful Heart to Find Truth

Generate a Grateful Heart to Find Truth Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

I greet you once again, precious students and friends, as Earth welcomes the month of June. May you all experience a sense of awe at the seasonal movement of your planet. This month, Northern Hemisphere dwellers will celebrate the summer solstice, and those to the south will celebrate the winter solstice. Thus, I encourage all of you to hold gratitude for the privilege of witnessing the pivotal points in Earth's seasonal journey. Engage in the miracle of life on planet Earth with open, grateful hearts.

What a privilege it is to witness life's wonder, potency, and divine force. While you all have had ample previous lives here and will likely return for future incarnations, it remains important to be awake and grateful for every expression of life you witness. Take nothing for granted, give thanks for everything, and fully experience your current "visitation." In the end, all discover how quickly life can pass, leaving you with only the hollow space of lost or fleeting opportunities. Face life with joy, and in all ways and through all times, give thanks.

Practicing gratitude offers many spiritual and practical benefits. It expands the heart chakra field and increases the overall capacity for love, generosity, and kindness. It teaches patience, fosters deeper insight, bolsters courage, stabilizes the mind, and even strengthens the immune system. Indeed, gratitude is a touchstone for all spiritual paths. In the end, gratitude offers a great deal of spiritual mileage in the journey to liberate the mind or realize enlightenment.