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Female Leaders Are in the Spotlight

Female Leaders Are in the Spotlight Lynn Buess

This periodic cycle will reveal more about the abuse of money and power that has plagued the planet and been out of control for far too long. Heavy losses in global stock markets and money markets are here or very near. The true agenda of the troubled Trump administration will become more clearly defined by the events of this time.

This numerical cycle encourages the emergence of brave, new female leaders who are not compromised by, controlled by, or connected to the sellout incumbents who have been in the news. Meanwhile extraordinary women doing extraordinary things will gain more media and public attention. Some might call them blue indigos or other hybrids; this is the time for the women whose children will be part of bringing in the crystalline children of humanity. This is a time of global opportunity for the high side of the mother energy to become restored on Earth.

June Personal Numerology

If you are in a 1 personal year, you will very likely make some revisions to your worldview, as events now and soon to come will alter many people's beliefs and redirect history. It is hard to fathom the information coming forth and difficult to believe the number of lies that have been the foundation of modern civilization. You suddenly feel very small amid the issues of the day. At the same time, you realize you can play a big part in building a better society. Consider how you can be a better citizen of the world, and then you will have a better perspective on how to contribute to it.