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Be Love with Each Breath

Be Love with Each Breath Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, I am Gaia, and I speak with a collective voice of many beings who oversee the comings and goings of the planet you call home. Many of you feel a longing to move beyond the separation that your human societies insist are the order of the day. Many of you long for the time that still resonates within your collective consciousness and in every physical cell when there was no question that all life is connected and equally blessed by the Creator's love.

So what does this mean? For many years, humans have been allowed to live the illusion that you are separate from the love that underlies the universe. You have all embraced a lie, so to speak, to experience the illusion of being separate from the breath of life that has always blessed and continues to bless all of you. Seeing yourselves as outside unity and thus forgetting the reasons for your shared purpose in living in a state of human sleep from consciousness is at the heart of what you are learning in the game you embrace as life on Earth.

You are reaching a tipping point of consciousness, and many are tired of seeing the need to be separate and to divide the human family as the only viable ways to really live life. The powerful have used this philosophy, which is really a type of manipulative hypnosis, to continue to use fear to build a sense of divine privilege. Outside human perceptions, this sense of divine privilege simply does not exist. In the human sense, the separation is real, but in the cosmic sense, anything outside unity and blessing is an illusion of the greatest magnitude. However, because of the Creator's great love for all of you, the illusion is allowed to play out as you learn what it means to be separate from the love of God and Goddess when you really are not.