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Ask the Angels: Joy Blossoms from Thankfulness

Ask the Angels: Joy Blossoms from Thankfulness Cheryl Gaer Barlow

I know the people who write you (or read this magazine) are spiritually minded people. I'm not. I don't really like my life. When I look back on my life, it's been pretty rotten. What am I supposed to be doing that I'm not doing? I'm in emotional pain from a devastating breakup. Convince me that God and the angels are really here because I sure don't feel them. I am filled with fear and anger all the time.

— Lenny, Bakersfield, CA

From the angels: A life on Earth is so precious, so wonderful. It's a wonderful growth to breathe in a body. Let your soul lift to God as you live on Earth. This can be a life of joy for you to help others and to create. Let the heart feel thankfulness for God's gifts.

We surround the heart filled with suffering. We fill the soul with calmness and tenderness. We want you to know we exist. You will perceive our words, and they will enter the mind as our feelings enter the soul's heart and as our love surrounds the body and soul.