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Akashic Answers: Psychic Gifts and Family Curses Amanda Romania

I was diagnosed with femoral osteoarthritis and bursitis in both knees and femoral tracking disorder and patellar tracking disorder in my left knee. I have a squishy, unsteady walk and lots of pain. I am very gluten intolerant and have had trouble sleeping for decades. I also have neck pain. Are these all related? What do you suggest to help me to heal?

— Joann

From Stacy: All the symptoms you listed are related. Your spine has been out of alignment for decades, and it is the cause of the neck pain and all your knee problems. When the spine is out of alignment for that long, your muscles and systems weaken. It also throws your skull out of alignment. All this affects your ability to think straight, your memory, and your sleep patterns. Your gluten intolerance is due to a weak digestive system.