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The Agreement in the Space between Spaces

The Agreement in the Space between Spaces St. Germain through Rebecca Dawson

Greetings to you. Let us tell you a story about creation. Creation occurs in the space between spaces — the space between cells, worlds, selves, what is known, and what is unknown.

There have been many moments within this Earth experience when there have been those who have come together with a great desire to create something new. There have been those who have created new understandings, new civilizations, and new ways of being on this planet, but they have only survived because of their isolation. Such is the nature of the collective consciousness on this planet: When something comes fully into visibility, there have been attempts to control, systemize, and limit humans' knowledge about themselves. So we want to be very clear that there are moments within your Earth reality and within, what you would call, Earth's history when there have been avatars. But we want to say that the reason they were able to exist in their purity of potential is that they existed in the space between visibility and invisibility.

The Space Where Potential Sits

The space between visibility and invisibility is where potential sits. There is always something very celebratory when something that exists in that space becomes available in visibility or in invisibility.