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Your Soul’s Ability to Create and Re-create Has Emerged in Your Physical World

Your Soul’s Ability to Create and Re-create Has Emerged in Your Physical World Isis and Zoosh through Robert Shapiro

You might be curious. “What’s going on? Why are things so crazy all over the world? We thought things were getting better. What’s happening?” These are things you’ve all been hearing or feeling. It’s very simple but not easy to live with until you are aware of what it is.

This is what it is: Right now, what you love physically and what you need in the moment are what’s going on. Some of you who have gifts, talents, and abilities along magical or spiritual lines might know this a little better, including those of you who are really religious. That’s right. In religions, very often one hopes and prays for a miracle, and a miracle is essentially something magical. Let me give you an example of that because some of you are having these experiences that are (what do people say?) mind-blowing. Now, some of you have already had this experience, but you’ve been shy to tell people. You’re going to eat something, you’re going to take something, or you’re going to do something, and suddenly you drop it. Maybe you’re driving. Maybe you’re with friends, and it’s like, “Oh! I dropped it.” You feel silly. Or maybe (this is most often the case) you are alone, and you think, “Ugh! I have a bad feeling,” and then you drop it. Within the next five to ten minutes, the thing you dropped is suddenly right there — right next to you — and you know it wasn’t there before. But there it is!

So you might reasonably ask what’s going on in that case. What’s going on is that your soul’s ability to create and re-create has emerged in your physical world, so what you love and what you need will very often manifest in little ways. And whatever the object you dropped was, once it was dropped on the floor or whatever, it was no longer useful, but suddenly it’s sitting there, pristine, even if it fell out the car window a mile behind you. Suddenly, it’s sitting right there next to you.