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You Are the Change Maker

You Are the Change Maker Great Divine Director and Goddess of Liberty through Maureen St. Germain

This is the Great Divine Director who has joined you from afar. I hold the matrix for this planet. I hold each of you in my heart. I wish to speak with you about the idea that there is no more karma and tell you that it is more far-reaching than you realize. By becoming aware and allowing this information through you, you have created a matrix that now reflects to everyone in your world. Everyone you speak with and touch will be changed. There is no need to keep score anymore. Take each moment as it comes. Let go of your wounds. Hanging on to your wounds punishes you more than the person who wounded you. It keeps the game going when it need not continue, so let it all go.

We know this is not easy, but even among you, you know that so much happiness awaits you when the game is over. Everyone celebrates. Start thinking in those terms, and be the first to play the new game, the game that is only love. The game is over when there are no more players. Will you be the first to leave or the last? Do not struggle with this information; even that will keep you in the game. Instead, ask me to help you release any attachments you have to this [3D polarity matrix] game. Ask me to bring into your world whatever you feel you have lost.

Know with absolute certainty that you are one of the way-showers. The way-showers are showing the way. Do not press this information on anyone who is not ready to hear it. Let it unfold in its natural way. We remind you again that resistance will keep you in the game.