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World Peace Begins with Inner Peace

World Peace Begins with Inner Peace Amma through Cathy Chapman

What a wonderful day it is, my dear ones! Yes, I am Amma. I am your mother. I am the Divine Mother of the divine mothers. More importantly, I am your mother. You grew within my womb. Even when you don’t feel safe, you are still in the safety of my womb.

I recognize the difficulties you experience in this amazing life of yours. You planned it so well. You planned to experience all you have studied on what some call the other side. What do you study? My dear ones, you study how to use the creative energy of what you call love. Remember, “love,” as we use the word, is not an emotion. It is not as simple as that which you write about in your songs and poetry. Love is the creative force of the universes. (Notice that I used the plural there.) How do I speak so that you understand in this time of forgetting your limitlessness that love is infinite? Being finite, you are limited in your ability to understand infinity. Love is infinite. Love is All That Is. Love is you and the person you love. (That emotion of love is such a small but crucial part of the creative force of love.) The people you struggle with are also love. The chair you sit on is love. Everything you see and experience is love.

You might be unaware that love is contained in conflict. How is that so? Who is involved in conflict? Is it not those who are created from love? Of course! Love is in conflict because you and others are involved in the conflict. When those created from love are involved in conflict, love is in the mix.