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Use Light Tools to Nourish Your Body

Use Light Tools to Nourish Your Body Archangel Anthriel through Ingrid Auer

Greetings, I am Archangel Anthriel. You humans have concerned yourselves with the phenomenon of light for quite some time now, namely in connection with your human existence. In the course of this, many of you have already realized that matter is nothing but condensed energy, or condensed light. Everything that exists around you and everything that you represent is composed of light. It is difficult to imagine that your body and all the objects you touch are condensed light and have taken the form of matter, but it is the truth. Even scientists are in the process of figuring this out!

As soon as you understand and accept that your physical world is a condensed subtle world, you will be able to avail yourselves of this circumstance. The first stirrings can already be seen. There are people who live exclusively on light, and they are still called frauds and liars and are sneered at by many people. However, these doubters only focus their awareness on the physical level and do not question their extremely limited human point of view. Otherwise, they would hit on the dimensions of light and pranic nourishment.

What do you think your food is made of? Is it not energy with physical storage space for information you humans need to survive? After all, the information and vibrations stored in your food, not the physical articles themselves, nourish your somatic cells and your DNA.