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Uninvited Frequencies Challenge Our Freedom

Uninvited Frequencies Challenge Our Freedom Phyllis Light

I truly believe that freedom is an inside job. It is important to free our minds and hearts from the old negative programming that’s been driving us for so long. When we perceive that someone is doing something to us — that is, when we feel victimized by something “out there” — we should look within and clear any old memories, traumas, and programs about having been victimized in the past. I have spent most of my life learning how to do this effectively for others and myself.

However, there is something “out there” that is actually blocking our ability to become free — the constant bombardment by electromagnetic fields and frequencies. The air is filled with TV, radio, and other satellite and microwave frequencies, including communication frequencies broadcast from phones and cell towers.

We sit in front of computers at home and at work, and we use cell phones to communicate with friends and loved ones. Often we carry our cell phones on or next to our bodies, increasing our exposure to high-tech frequencies. We are bathing in more and more life-damaging fields and frequencies as time goes on and technology advances. There is hardly a place on Earth where you can avoid being hit by these energies — even in Sedona, one of my favorite places on Earth.