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Trust the Wisdom of Your Higher Self

Trust the Wisdom of Your Higher Self Archangel Michael through Ronna

Beloved masters, the majority of humanity has forgotten that within the universal laws there is a God-given right that allows each human being to reclaim the ability to commune with the ascended masters and the great beings of the higher realms. Internal communication is a direct sharing of thoughts without words or sound. This is your natural state of being. However, there are conditions that must be attained before you can access the universal telepathic airways.

While in your pyramid of light in the fifth dimension, ask that your guardians, guides, and angelic helpers join you. Ask your personal council of light to assist you in your endeavors to strengthen your resolve and to give you the power, will, and wisdom you need to move into the next level of spiritual awareness. You are in a critical phase of your spiritual growth process, and you are being asked to release all that is holding you back from the spiritual freedom you seek. This means dysfunctional and restrictive relationships, harmful and negative habits and thought patterns, and possessions that take too much time, effort, and money.

During this shift of the ages, you are experiencing a variety of changes. You are reclaiming all the personal fragments of energy and thought forms that you created during your long journey into physical expression. You are reuniting with the many sparks of consciousness that make up your divine self and your soul family, and you are striving to become a spiritual human adult while existing in an ever-expanding, multidimensional realm of physicality.