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The Transforming Power of Egypt

The Transforming Power of Egypt Donna Wozniak

I am an avid reader of the Sedona Journal of Emergence and wish to share some amazing experiences I had in Egypt that continue to make my head spin. My daughter, Lisa, and I have just returned from a pilgrimage to Egypt with Rae Chandran.

Lisa noticed Rae’s ad in the Journal after visiting different websites advertising trips to Egypt. Several of those trips sent up red flags and simply were not meant for her. After contacting Rae, Lisa said, “I’m going.”

I have always wanted to experience Egypt, but because of everything involved with raising a family, I never had the opportunity. Now at age seventy-four, I figured the trip would occur in my next life experience. But somehow Creator knows all our desires and presented an opportunity I couldn’t refuse. So after some contemplation, I decided to join my daughter. I had to seriously think about this trip because I have already committed to a trip to Peru with the Earth-Keepers in July.