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Three Dimensions Will Merge in June

Three Dimensions Will Merge in June Aleph through Arthur Fanning

You are trying to understand the serious nature of things. I’m not talking about your politics or these war games you’re playing. I’m talking about the serious nature of your own divinity — where you came from and what you’re responsible for. It seems to have been lost here in this world. It’s called responsibility. So if you’re reading this or listening to it, you’re going to realize that you are within the turmoil now.

You can hardly recognize yourself. You need the opinions of others to have some place in your world of view. You need the opinion of your self. You need to understand the nature of God within you. The power of this world is your ability to manifest. That’s the power within this world, yet you have given that away to your coins. You’re manifesting for food and support of the systems; I say systems of cells that you have within you. You have seven main systems in the chakras. Most of you understand that part. You are at least aware that you have seven chakras, but you have many more.

Within each chakra is an entity in its kingdom, and you’re the overlord, whether you know it or not. You’re finding that out, because the suffering you’re enduring is what you’re taking on in listening to words and justifying your own position. You don’t have to. We told you this before: Don’t take sides in this one, what’s going on now. If you want to participate, participate with prayer for peace. Try the rosary; try that one. That’s a petition for help. In the prayer of the rosary, it says, “Pray for us sinners,” and if you pray it long enough, you’re going to hear a voice tell you, “Pray for yourself.”