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Seek the Energy of Love

Seek the Energy of Love Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. Before we begin, let us all pause and breathe a quiet breath. This is when the body notices the element of stillness — as you consciously draw in, pause, and then release the atmosphere of Earth into your own vital, physical space. Here is the moment when you feel the place we refer to in our opening words as “below,” and it is this action that will most easily connect you with the energy of what we refer to as “above.” A few deep breaths will allow the energies to coordinate and coexist. This action offers a sense of balance, and this is what we all are seeking.

For those in the below, doing this is currently more difficult than usual. It has been a very long time since such division and separation has challenged the balance of the family human. Yet if you are discerning and use your higher perceptive capabilities, you can clearly see that the situation you find occurring on Earth today is not an unusual one. Only in the intensity and vastness of the imbalance is there a reason to note and express concern.

We offer this perspective now: There is a perpetual process of motion within the universe. Earth reflects these patterns and systems in its own way. Each human alive now is a small representation of energies occurring in and around the planet.