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Revelations of Interdimensional Experience

Revelations of Interdimensional Experience Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

The intense fire trine between the Moon’s north node, Venus in Aries, and Saturn in Sagittarius on the galactic center will cause passion fire energies to run high for all of Earth and its inhabitants at the beginning of June. Much chaos and confusion about ways to interpret, express, and manifest visions will appear, all possible. This is a time of inner reflection. Go to your inner truth center to honor your connection with Source. Following the mainstream to seeming popular options might be unwise now. This is the time for the human kingdom to seek, accept, honor, and act on their soul paths. This is how those seeking their families of choice will discover each other.

A segment of the human kingdom might act out like two-year-olds pitching temper tantrums because things are not going their way. With the addition of the grand water trine between Chiron in Pisces, Lilith in Scorpio, and Vulcanus in Cancer, flexibility is key to letting go of old patterns — from this and other lifetimes. Dive to the depths of all feelings, thoughts, emotions, limitations, and boundaries to get to their truths, transform them, and transmute them. Heal the trauma incurred by being in a human body on Earth, and receive the nurturing flow of the energies of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine washing away all wounds and trauma. This energy flow supports and empowers you, blasting through all blocks, fears, and boundaries to free the human spirit.

The Moon’s nodes are a saving grace during this month’s intense emotional spirit-fire energies. The north node in Leo brings the light of truth — cosmic truth rather than ego truth — to all beliefs, accepted constructs, boundaries, and rules. You will find it necessary to look within your soul heart to discover the truth of who you are, have been, and will be throughout all time, space, and dimensions. You will discover things from shadows and hidden aspects to the bright light of spiritual divinity and everything between.