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Public Awakening Is on the Rise

Public Awakening Is on the Rise Lynn Buess

Based on all of this administration’s backpedaling, it appears that it might be neutralized by controlling global interests and power brokers. Similar to the four previous administrations, this one provided distorted and probably falsified information about personal histories and family ancestry. Skeptics might say it appears to be business as usual (lies, spies, and alibis).

The month of June reveals a lot about the creative pulse and imagination as a nation. The increase of controlled media and repercussions for speaking out against abuse of power and illegalities of state become more evident. The deterioration of entertainment and media programming also leaves stains on the nation and its international image. The decline of family values and the confusion about our moral compass increase as incidents of violence, sexual exploitation, and child abuse continue to rise.

Amid the social confusion and growing global angst grows a trend of public awakening. Poignant questions are being asked, and accountability is being requested. From the mouths of children come straightforward questions and seemingly innocent but profound revelations. A global spiritual or cosmic-like occurrence during the summer accelerates the consciousness of the masses. The letters C, V, and K will appear prominently in the headlines now and in the months ahead.