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Live Authentically through Spiritual Mastery

Live Authentically through Spiritual Mastery Almine

It is of the utmost importance that we rise above the despair of humanity through grateful awareness of the beauty and poetry of everyday living. We are the way-showers of the world. It is our sacred duty to walk a journey of beauty, grace, and inspiration.

— Almine

Awhile ago I visited a health-care practitioner. The woman connected me to the “constitutional essence.” I did not know what that was. I felt so grounded, emotionally balanced, aware, and calm that I wondered why I had never felt that way in all the years I’ve studied with you.

What you are describing is the loss of linear time and the tension and resistance it causes in the body. It feels like a tremendous release, and bliss takes its place. I have often recommended that our students take a week (or at least a weekend) and go into total surrender and silence to disconnect from the world.