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Heal Yourself to Reach Spiritual Union

Heal Yourself to Reach Spiritual Union Mary Magdalene through Mercedes Kirkel

Hello, my dear ones. This is Mary. My heart is glad to be with you today. Thank you for responding to the call of your heart, your guidance, or your spirit direction. Whether you knew what the purpose was or not, you responded. You came. I honor that. I honor you and acknowledge you. Thank you all so very much. I would love to know how I might help you in your journey to the heart, your journey to God. How may I be of service to you?

I have a question about the process that occurs when we heal the deep wounds of our inner masculine and feminine, which I understand allows a natural union to take place. Could you speak of what that union might be like?

This is where you are all being led. This union is a tremendous ecstasy. It is why you are willing to do the healing of the masculine and feminine. Many of you (probably all of you) have experienced or glimpsed this union to a certain degree. This motivates you to have that union as your ongoing reality.