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A Great Emptiness Fills Your Abyss

A Great Emptiness Fills Your Abyss Inspired Information and Merlin through Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Within the void of time and space, there are those who move from certainty to actuality through a zero-point place where matter and antimatter coexist. It is the place where the positive and negative collide, destroying and creating simultaneously. It is a place of awakening and a place of forgetfulness. It is the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega. It is home to the creational forces that can bend and shape worlds with a wink.

The ancient texts always insisted humanity was destined to become as gods. According to ancient legends, such beings are to return at the beginning and end of each time cycle. The truths written by the ancients imply that Earth was meant to evolve beyond its present form. Particles of infinite light from numerous universes are the source of all new worlds. Within the very word “center” lives the word “enter.” To find the center of the universe, you must enter yourself first.

We, the light that speaks, exist at a point in time that sees both a probable and impossible future. We exist in timetables of undisturbed elements that force natural laws to bend. We seek to know the choices you juggle on a daily basis and to learn about the power of Earth and its natural laws. Hidden within all elements are truths that seek to be known. We enter that which is porous and particle of structure, a structure that circumvents itself. An emptiness has filled your abyss, for even your creations no longer bring you joy. A deep sadness fills your galactic heart, which lives in the center of every cell of your body.