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Escape the Game of Illusion through Music

Escape the Game of Illusion through Music Friends of the Creator through Rae Chandran

Hello, we are Friends of the Creator. Today we would like to touch on the subject of illusion and its purpose. You all are aware of illusions and their hold on you. You are also aware that, in itself, is an illusion. Nevertheless, you are not able to get out of this game. What can you do about this simple but very difficult to comprehend situation? The key is in the musical tones of the body.

There are many musical keys in the human body. Your lungs have a certain rhythm. They play a particular frequency and melody. You can fine-tune them and program them to play beautiful music — your unique music — to fit very well with the grand symphony of the universe. Your lungs sing a frequency that produces enzymes to help your stomach easily digest food. Your kidneys produce another frequency that helps the digestive system and also affects the pineal gland and brain function.

The soles of your feet produce a frequency that, when fine-tuned, can reduce the gravitational and magnetic energy in the body. When that decreases, you feel lighter and brighter. Your eyes and ears produce frequencies that promote proper brain function and send energy and commands into your medulla oblongata, which controls your body’s electrical system.