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EarthWisdom Global Prayer Web: Promote Peaceful Living Maria Yraceburu

Diiyin’s note: We stand at the edge of reality and watch as the energy of life is elevated. The newly fitted time dynamic of the fifth world unfurls with innocence and appears satisfactory for the next leg of our journey. The power, along with sustenance, has been stowed in the spacious dreams of our potential.
June Prayers

The struggle is ended (Uncle Roadrunner)! When we were young, we dreamed of being magical, flying through spirit time, and stopping momentarily on our paths. Faithfully, we continue.

Esonknhsendehi hiibeego nadit’aazh ihi’da nakia: Because of Changing Mother (Rainbow Serpent), life returns. We have longed to be one with our true purpose and filled with life. We have ventured on a great quest. Our longing to be complete has brought us to mountain caves, winds of change, the light of love, and the spiraling stones of emergence.