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Dream Zone: The Many Truths Revealed in Your Dreams

Dream Zone: The Many Truths Revealed in Your Dreams Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

I dreamed I had my two dogs on a leash, and we were walking into a building. A lady pushed the door open as I was reaching for the knob, and an arm came from behind me to hold it open. I felt that it was my deceased husband. The lady had wooden glasses on. The lenses were also made from wood with slits in them.

When I walked into the building, it was dark, and there were a lot of people. I couldn’t see faces, but I felt that I knew everyone. In a room to my right, there was a potluck banquet going on. Someone told me to take off my coat, and I replied, “I can’t stay because I have the dogs, but next time I’ll bring a dish to pass.”

— Stormy, 59, McHenry, IL

From Lauri: Has an opportunity opened up to you recently? Or has a person opened up to you? The dark room suggests you might still be feeling dark and depressed over the loss of your husband. How long ago did he pass? The wooden glasses with slits in them tell me you might not be seeing an opportunity or a particular situation clearly, most likely due to the depression.