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Confront Your Death to Awaken to Life

Confront Your Death to Awaken to Life Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Beloved students, I greet you once again at the beginning of another month. As the seasons continue to progress through their annual cycle, may your awareness of that planetary flow offer a point for deepening insight. While most people enjoy the various elements each season affords, many do not necessarily see the annual cycle as a potent teaching platform whereupon nature speaks directly to every living being. Most would concur that the flow of planetary seasonal cycles likely bears some relationship to their life spans, but beyond acknowledging that, many are content to leave the matter there.

As you enter the month of June, I would like to encourage you to note how you experience the seasonal progression as it manifests in your respective hemisphere. Those of you living in the northern region will welcome the summer solstice later this month, and those of you living in the southern half of the planet will welcome the winter solstice. While most folks are aware of these events, very few ponder just how amazing this natural phenomenon really is.

Each season demonstrates the wealth and power of its elements. Spring is often associated with the earliest phase of life, the time when one takes birth and develops through childhood and adolescence. Summer is often compared to young adulthood, flowing into mature adulthood. This is the time when one’s journey in the world is said to develop, flower, and bring forth the fruits of one’s labors.