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Blessings Exist in Every Moment

Blessings Exist in Every Moment Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, I am Gaia. I am one and many, as are all of you. Many aspects of self are contained within the heart that is the individual and collective soul of Earth. Many of you forget that the collective soul of Earth consists of more than humans, yet you know that all life is connected and interdependent.

Nothing is separate from the heart of creation, and all life is equally valued by the Creator. However, you as humans find yourselves in a predicament, do you not? The old energies that shaped much of your recent existence are rearing their heads and seem to be threatening life on Earth as you know it. Many of you find this disturbing, and rightly so, but what do you do? How do you collectively remember that other solutions exist? How do you find hope that your leaders will see that their destructive and shortsighted manipulations will no longer serve them before their actions have dire consequences for the health of the planet?

Many of you despair that love and compassion seem to be waning and the forces that have held you in a type of hypnotic, mental prison seem to be returning you to a place of no longer being empowered to seek the highest good for all. The religious factions and governments that have been in power trust that you will return to giving your power away to those who say they must rule over you even though it is becoming clearer as each day passes that they have lied and manipulated you. As disconcerting as it may seem in this moment, seeing through the manipulation is necessary for the collective good to move forward. So many of you want these patterns to stop, and you feel helpless and hopeless. Is there a solution? Yes, but it might not be what you have hoped for.