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Animal Whisperer: Homeward Bound — the Three Pussyteers!

Animal Whisperer: Homeward Bound — the Three Pussyteers! Your Ever-Loving Pets through Kim Malonie

I found three pussycats — Sprite, Pixie, and Ginger — freezing and huddled by our back door in January. After much hesitation — as we would have to find a way to feed them vegetarian like us (and we did!) — we took them in.

It was Pixie who kept firmly standing at the back door looking straight at me. What an absolute cutie pie she was! She just melted my heart. At times she looked horrified, and it took six months for me to convince her to stop trying to escape under the chair, especially when my husband came down to the basement with food.

They all looked like pregnant females with big stomachs, but that was not the case. So they were all dewormed. The vet said she thought they were maybe a week from death. She called them smart, lucky pussies. We took them back for spaying months later.