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You Have Always Been a Reflection of God

You Have Always Been a Reflection of God Lord Sananda through Jill Harrison

I journey to you this day, for I hear the calling of your soul. I see that which humans do not notice in others. I see and sense the signature of love on a human’s soul. In particular today, I acknowledge that I come among great beauty, for in truth, you are a treasure to behold, as is each child of God. It is time for you to see how wondrous, how radiantly beautiful and astonishing, you are.

I offer unto you today these words of guidance, for I am a never-ending source of love. Understand that only through love can wisdom be gained, thereby enabling you and all souls the opportunity of illumination. When you have finally attained illumination, it brings great purpose and divine meaning. Remember that you have always been a reflection of God.

Generations may separate us, but we have been together at all times, and this is a link that shall never be broken. I come as a vast entity of light at this time. I come as a doorway through which you may pass if you so desire to. Take this opportunity to rest for a moment, to become an open vessel. Begin to set aside the mind and its concerns. Your emotions will always be with you, but we will deepen beyond them, for the doorway that I hold is the doorway to your heart.