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You Are Returning to the Original Seed Thought

You Are Returning to the Original Seed Thought The Little One through Arthur Fanning

We’re going to use the phrase “the little one.” That is who is here now speaking. That will be explained later because there is permission needed to even be around your own spiritual space or anyone else’s that you are involved with. So there’s an entry we are going through, with permission from your spiritual guides and the other beings associated with you and others in this room and in this condition, in this building, for our frequency can interfere. We just need to assure ones that there is safety involved. We can have an effect that some are not ready for.

The Introduction to Your True Self

Now, this process that you are all in will be considered later as the great healing process. You’re all going through a healing, everyone on your planet now, in consciousness. You are beginning to be bathed in the holy light, yet there are distinctions that need to be understood, and those distinctions are within the separateness of yourself and yourselves. You come to this moment with the introduction to your true self. Now, that can sound confusing, yet this true self is the one who, in the utilization of your words, is alive forever — everywhere, everywhen, all times, all space.