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Spark a Change

Spark a Change Lynn Buess

This month, expect the unexpected in the form of revelations and revolutions. Much information and energy is coming in now from higher dimensions of being. The accelerated energy stimulates everyone and everything. Many will be touched and blessed by a cosmic surge around the middle of this month. With humanity, the effect depends on the awareness and perceptions of each soul.

Those who are spiritually shortsighted and selfish in consciousness will become more desperate and unmanageable. People who are angry or violent and generally out of control will become more so. The disciplined and aware will be blessed with inspiration and another breath of illumination.

The United States will experience much controversy, scandal, talk of revision, and trouble related to agencies that work with health services, social welfare, and immigration. Mismanagement and cutbacks within programs like Nutrition Assistance, Obamacare, and facets of Social Security lead to increased social tension and lowered quality of life for millions of recipients.