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Souls with Links to Venus Will Initiate the Era of Love

Souls with Links to Venus Will Initiate the Era of Love Mother Mary through Natalie Glasson

Love exudes from my heart and soul into your being. I am Mother Mary, and I come forth with the Divine Mother consciousness, light, and love to support humanity and Earth at this time of ascension. It is a time of tremendous transformation. Some shifts may be subtle and unnoticed, yet they have been long awaited and will create the greatest effect on the consciousness of humanity. Please value the subtle shifts taking place within the core of your being because they are opening you to your truth to become a beacon of love. The consciousnesses of Earth and humanity are shifting into a greater space of love, which is preparing for present and future experiences of Creator love and enlightenment. This is making way for new opportunities for those on Earth and the inner planes.

The vibrations of pure love consciousness extend with tremendous power from the planet and civilization of Venus throughout 2016, and this is creating a powerful healing within many as well as encouraging a purer perspective and recognition of love. Many people are feeling the dissolution of old energies, understandings, and belief systems as a powerful awakening of love forms within them. As the energy of Venus penetrates Earth and humankind with intense power and transforms Earth into a planet of love, current and next generations will be influenced.

Love Warriors Will Inspire Creator Love