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Shamanic Wisdom: Who Are You?

Shamanic Wisdom: Who Are You? Jan Engels-Smith

“It’s not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.”

— William Shakespeare

Just for fun, please get a piece of paper and write a few sentences to describe yourself. Who are you? Do not ponder the question too long; simply write down what comes to you. There are no right or wrong answers. This exercise demonstrates how you think.

Now envision yourself from a different, more inclusive perspective, one that is vast and encompasses multidimensional awareness. You are more than the body you currently inhabit.

Attempting to be the best you can be is the most exquisite gift you can give the world. We can and should take an active role in addressing the problems we face in these fractured and challenging times, but the most significant long-term contribution we can make to our planet is to care for and grow our personal mastery. The focus on thinking, feeling, and doing will greatly change the world for the better and have maximum influence on the actions of others. Positive ways of being allow us to become one with the universe and to draw on the spiritual powers that exist naturally and are always available.