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Return Your Focus to Your Passion

Return Your Focus to Your Passion Donna Taylor

I have a card on my desk that says, “Let go, and let God.” It reminds me that I cannot control everything. Sometimes things happen that I might not always understand but, given time, I might come to appreciate. June might be a month to let go and let God, especially for the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces because there will be a grand cross for most of the month in those signs. The month begins with a new moon in Gemini forming one part of the cross while Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune form the other three points. Since Venus aligns with the Sun and the Moon, making this a Venusian new moon, the lesson from any difficulty may be to stop struggling and accept what is. It might also suggest that when we follow the path of love, when we do what we love, or when we perform an action with love, everyone wins. This new moon might encourage us to admit to whatever isn’t working and acknowledge that when we are faced with a brick wall or something seems to slip away, perhaps we should let it go and bring our focus back to what we love. The big questions to consider around this new moon on June 5 are these: Do you love whatever person, situation, project, or place that seems to be causing you difficulty? Is your heart in it? When your heart isn’t in something, it can be futile to try to make it work.

Often we convince ourselves that something is right for us for a variety of reasons: Maybe we’re afraid to live without it. Maybe we’ve become comfortable with it. Maybe we don’t know how to replace it. If you’re in a situation you don’t know how to change, let it go. It may be the only way forward during this first week of June.

The grand cross dissolves temporarily during the second week, leaving Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter to continue their T-square alignment. Although that suggests an ongoing battle with reality, the good news is that the Sun and Venus form a close allegiance that dances its way merrily though Gemini. This is good news for those born under the sign of the twins and for their fellow air signs, Libra and Aquarius. A Venus–Sun conjunction encourages us to enjoy ourselves, smell the roses, and indulge our senses in the joys that life on Earth offers us. Life isn’t all about work, duty, and responsibility, but for many people, it can certainly feel that way. Perhaps this is the cosmos’s gift to those who feel harried, pressured, overworked, overloaded, or worried. In short, if life has lost its sparkle lately and especially if you’re born under the sign of Gemini, you now have permission to kick off your shoes, cast aside your baggage, and let your hair down. Make space in your diary for some things that you enjoy, such as art or other forms of creativity. How about carving out some time for enjoying a massage, relaxing, or indulging some other therapy? Play some music, or sing a few songs. Venus loves it when we get creative; she knows it’s good for our soul. So if your soul feels a bit parched, drench it with a little creativity and a big splash of fun.