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Passion Allows You to Say Yes to Expansion

Passion Allows You to Say Yes to Expansion Archangel Raphael through Trisha Michael

Dearest ones, I celebrate you, for you have chosen to join me in creating this wonderful opportunity to expand in passion. Passion holds the cellular memory of your oneness in the strength of love that overrides all duality and unites all to share the glorious moment when you sing forth your song in joy. You know passion from the moment of your conception. Your passion hugs you, letting you know your purpose within your holy temple. Your purpose is your passion. Your love is interwoven with the love of all you touch and all you create within your landscape, for you are the artist of your passion. You are the vibration that ripples your passion into infinity. Passion, when you connect, allows you to say yes to a reality that you could never fathom before. Passion gives you permission to move your belief in yourself into a pivotal placement where you are shown to all.

When you express passion, it can look messy, because passion is not in your politeness in which you nod your beingness, your holy temple, to others. Passion pushes you outside the lines of conditioning. Passion is the effervescence of you in every cell saying, “Yes, I am here for this purpose. I am made from the passion of love and the ecstasy of all beingness and All That Is. My birth was for remembering the ecstasy of creation, being bold in my purpose, and singing a joyful song.”

Passion of purpose shows you the deepest level of your inner resources, and it connects you to all your lifetimes. The infinity of you is propelled by passion. Connect to your passion, and hold it to create your purpose and show your ecstasy, your joy, and your love for being here now. This gives others the vibrancy, the vividness, and the electricity to see all the spectrums of light that you are.