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Our Limitations Are Our Presumptions

Our Limitations Are Our Presumptions Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Once again, there must be an adjustment time for those in front of me [in the audience]. The adjustment is in your reality and discernment and for your existence paradigm. Even for those of you so awake and aware, it’s still only a man in a chair in front of you. The voice is the same as it was a moment ago, but those of you who can discern know that the energy is not the same.

My partner knows that a compassionate, benevolent energy comes sweeping over him that shows him it’s time to leave his body, and he does. He’s not sitting here, not really. His process clears the path not for a takeover but for a partnership. He used to work at it way too hard, and then he learned to let go. At that point, the messages started to flow.

The New Paradigm Is Here

It is this way with all Humanism. My partner spoke today and yesterday about how he uses synchronicity and not logic to guide his life. Here is the engineer telling you not to use logic! It’s really a combination of processes, isn’t it? It’s the logic of survival based on spiritual common sense, and a logic that says Spirit knows an overview that you don’t. Therefore, if you can learn to trust Spirit, you get an overview that you could never have alone. So rather than going for that which you know, you go for that which you don’t know but feel is available. That’s synchronicity. It’s a process of calling on an area that all of you have but is tough to realize — really tough. You have to step aside from that which you’re comfortable with and has worked for you all your life.