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The One and the Many

The One and the Many Higher Self through Carolyn Gervais

Those of you who have been searching for a very long time as to who and what you are as life essences want to know why you serve on a planet filled with so much divisiveness, separation, fear, and hate when all you really want is to express love and peace in ways that are soothingly harmonious in a world full of disruption. Because your earthly existence is in duality, everything has an extreme opposite, such as up and down, suffering and joy, and love and hate. It appears that more and more people in your world today are attracted to the extremes of sensationalism in all its glory on Earth.

You have all come by your dualistic traits naturally. After all, it was and still is the Creative Force within you and everywhere around you that created your manifested macrocosm, your physical bodies and minds, and all manifested and unmanifested life anywhere and everywhere in any and all universes. So it’s not surprising that what created all is dualistic as well, with opposite poles of feminine and masculine, which are exhibited by such phenomena as the North and South Poles of any planet. Everything the Creative Force creates has a feminine pole and a masculine pole. Polar opposites are naturally drawn to one another because, in essence, they are one and the same energy appearing to be separated.

For example, it has been noted that many identical twins who are separated at birth through adoption often have dreams and strong feelings that part of them is missing, and they feel destined to look for their twin in every way possible. Carolyn [the channel] has an identical twin sister. When they were around fifteen months old, Carolyn developed pneumonia, and her twin sister soon followed.