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Live in Integrity and Peace to Change the World

Live in Integrity and Peace to Change the World Archangel Michael through Jill Harrison

Do not lose your trust or belief that the world can be a place of peace, love, and harmony. Often when societies begin to break down through war, famine, politics, or economics, it is the culmination of many things. It is important to remember that suffering is not caused by God’s hands but by human thoughts and actions.

Your societies cannot find lasting peace and harmony until the masses insist on replacing their governments with new leaders who have complete integrity to serve the greater good rather than themselves. It is easy to blame your government for the many issues of poverty, war, and suffering, but the duality is that humankind has also lost its ability to trust. Whether that trust is in its own ability to make a difference, in others to do what they say they will do or in the future for what is possible, without it, there can be no foundation on which to build new beginnings.

Moving emotionally into helplessness, hiding away from society, and pretending that everything is all right will not help create lasting change in your societies. The male and female energies are completely out of equilibrium, so before you can change the world, you must all look within yourselves to find greater balance.