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EarthWisdom Global Prayer Web: Go in the Positive Direction

EarthWisdom Global Prayer Web: Go in the Positive Direction Maria Yracébûrû

diiyin’s thoughts: Early this year we felt reassured and well informed. Now we see that, indeed, all our talks have kept us entirely on the path of good direction. The explanations posed in our discussions, for instance, confirm the answers received by our soul imprints about our medicine power, our unique purposes in life. In our desire to understand, we all need to be reminded of this fact.

I have had the definite sense of past sabotage temptation, and because of that, I recognized it and avoided falling prey to it again. In this way, I continued taking the positive direction, positive of the love inhabiting the universe.

Following these prayers is the iridescent hummingbird and the quick little roadrunner. They bring us to a time of relaxing into the lazy months of summer, seeing great beauty, and being able to adapt to energies quickly because we are attuned to our sensual telepathy: the language of all senses. We are, after all, spiritual beings, changing from a time of soul sickness to the beauty of coming together. We wonder about the path ahead. We have made the choice to move on.