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The Divine Is within You

The Divine Is within You Sananda through Ingrid Auer

Be greeted, I am Sananda. I am also known as Jesus, Christ, Eesa, and Jeshua. Over centuries, you have been conditioned and partly forced to be subject to others. No matter what abilities you brought into this life, you were hardly ever allowed to develop and live your potential. In the past centuries and millennia, one of the main learning experiences people have had to face is that they must submit themselves and their personalities to a large collective and be part of it. This was your learning experience throughout numerous incarnations. However, your journey into duality has been a voluntary one. To begin with, you knew that you were divine consciousness, slipping into a human body to make certain learning experiences, but in the course of all the incarnations, you started to forget. You descended into the deepest darkness of duality to be human. In the process, you buried your divinity deep inside and forgotten what is inside you.

On your long journey through duality, you have been subject to different leaders: high priests, pharaohs, spiritual and worldly leaders, shamans, tribal leaders, gurus, bosses, and other authorities. This has strongly shaped you. You either willingly handed the power over yourself and your life to others or were forced to do so. In some of your lives, you were even deprived of your own dignity. Those days are now over! You have reached the end of your journey through duality and are at the beginning of a new era. You call this transition a transformation process. It forces you to question your supposed truth. At the same time, many authority figures, and their rules and laws, are steadily losing importance.

You are no longer sheep following a shepherd. You are shepherds yourself. Self-determined, responsible, and full of joy, you follow the star that is shining inside you. It is your divine spark of awareness that you have not lost during all the journeys through time and space. You have only forgotten that it exists. I accompany you on this important part of your journey, as I already did some time ago. Aside from me, there are numerous other ascended masters, angels, archangels, and other higher beings on your side. They support you when you change into a higher level of awareness. The journey back into divine unity has begun! More incarnations may be waiting for you, but no matter what, it is going to be a journey full of light, and we are happy with you. Call me whenever you need me. I will be on your side. I am Sananda. I am the light! •