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Connect All Pieces of the Cosmic Hologram to Evolve the Human Kingdom

Connect All Pieces of the Cosmic Hologram to Evolve the Human Kingdom Egyptian Cat Archetypes through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Emotional energies will be heightened throughout June 2016 due to the grand water trine among Vulcanus in Cancer, Mars and Lilith in Scorpio, and Chiron and the Moon’s south node in Pisces. This signals the activation of authentic power expressed through balanced reciprocity, taking the human kingdom in the direction of huge transformation toward honest and authentic expression. Fears emerging during this time — whether personal, cultural, religious, or planetary — will present themselves for healing, forgiveness, integration, and transformation.

Resistance to the cleansing flow of these water energies may trigger extremes as ancient patterns project into the world, inspiring others to make accusations and place blame. Instead, know that what you see reflected around you is but a mirror of the inner shadows that require integration and healing.

Where balanced reciprocity flows in and out in the figure 8 of giving and receiving, new empowering directions reveal themselves for the yin energies to once again blossom on and within Earth in all living things. Healing of ancient soul wounds will release cords to others, freeing up vast amounts of emotional energies that, when focused with intention in loving ways, will bring forth a juiciness and joy of living that was experienced during the last golden age.