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The Codes of Ascension and Unity Consciousness

The Codes of Ascension and Unity Consciousness DNA Master Rheumeain through Rae Chandran

Blessings, my dear fellow beings. This is DNA Master Rheumeain from Pleiades. In this short message, we bring forth some new ideas about DNA and how to use sound to activate it not only in your physical body but also in your energetic body, which extends all the way to the twelfth dimension. At the present time on the planet, very little is known about the DNA in the energetic body, but that is where most of the unknown DNA of humans lies. Note that just as each person on the planet is unique in the characteristics of his or her fingerprints and irises, there are also specific, individualized DNA strands. Furthermore, there are masculine and feminine strands of DNA that are also unique. One must consider all these facts when we talk about the importance of DNA and its activation.

What is the purpose of understanding and activating the individual and quantum DNA? It is to expand the energy field and thus connect you to the basic core of the self. What is the basic core of the self? It is to be in harmony with all of creation and to be one with the creative process of the universe — in other words, to be a natural contributor to the very process of creation along with the Creator. This is the very essence of the Adam code that you all carry within yourselves, and when you expand your energy and connect with this energy field, you naturally return to this state of consciousness. This Adam code consciousness is located in the thirty-third chakra, which is far above the head (almost 12 meters) and is directly related to the seventh level of dimensional consciousness. When you activate this consciousness, you live in true unity and unity consciousness.

The Three Unifying Layers and the Codes of Ascension