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Beyond the Human Paradigm

Beyond the Human Paradigm Almine

What is so disturbing about observing the old and infirm? It’s almost as though they remind us of our mortality.

It is a depressing thought that a life well lived should come to such an ignoble and decrepit end. Furthermore, the thought that all they have to look forward to is death strengthens the illusion of its inevitability. The truth is that the seeming reality of decay and ultimate death is ingrained in us only because there aren’t enough role models to show us anything to the contrary, and the way of death and decay is exemplified by the masses.

Why is the road to incorruptibility so obscured?

There are a couple of reasons. First, the things of the world and its value systems are of very little importance to someone who lives beyond the grid of humanity, beyond the paradigm of the masses. The master therefore doesn’t usually exhibit excellence in areas that the rest of humanity values.